blameF: I have a team that listens to me, works with me and believes in me

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We interviewed blameF, in-game leader of Scandinavian CS:GO team Heroic.


Could you introduce yourself to our readers?
blameF: Hey! My name is Benjamin ”blameF” Bremer and I am playing for the Danish team Heroic. I am a full-time professional player and I love every minute of this journey.

You played in big tournaments and made a name for yourselves despite being together for a short time as a team. What do you think about your team’s recent good performances?
blameF: In general, we are happy about our performance as a team lately. We have been qualifying for a lot of big events, but we are yet to show stable performances to the extent that we would like to. Our goal has been, for a while now, to reach the playoffs and we have yet to do that. But we have been improving a lot over the last couple of tournaments, and I think the future is looking better and better for Heroic.
But as always, there is lots of room to improve and now that we have a short ”break” from tournaments we will spend the time wisely on renewing ourselves and work on our weaknesses as a team, so hopefully, we will manage to take another step up in our gameplay!
What does an experienced teammate like friberg bring to the team?
blameF: friberg is, as everyone knows, a really experienced guy and he brings multiple things to the team. First of all, as the guy with the most experience, he doesn’t need the same momentum as some of the younger guys does and he is just a stable guy in terms of performance.
So, in the past, especially back when the team was first formed, he has been sacrificing a lot in order to make the team work, which I respect him a lot for. And he is the type of guy you just like to play with, rarely any problems occur with him and he always has a valid opinion most of the time on stuff and then he also brings a lot of calmness to the team, which again is nice, now that we have some inexperienced guys.
 What do you think about stavn, who joined in March and currently on trial with you? Does he have the potential to be a star player?
blameF: stavn is no longer on trial for Heroic, he is now a member of the family. In my opinion, stavn is already a star player. He is certainly a key player in the team and is probably the best individual player in terms of raw skill and mechanics. I think stavn’s potential goes way further than what he has shown yet, and I also think that he is becoming the guy people see as one of the best performers on Heroic.
stavn is the type of guy that doesn’t ask for a lot and still performs well, and as an IGL, that is a huge pleasure to work with as it makes everything so much easier. If stavn continues with his hunger and works hard, he will without a doubt become one of the best players Denmark ever had.

Despite being an IGL, you leading your team score-wise. What do you think about your recent performances?
blameF: I don’t think to being the IGL of Heroic necessarily limits me to be a bad individual player. I have a team that listens to me, works with me and believes in me, and all of those things make it easier for me to still focus on myself, while I still do what an IGL does. We use a lot of time on preparation, so most of the time the team already knows what I want from them before we enter the game.
Other than that, we try to play structured CS but allowing freedom to the individual players in a certain amount, which also helps me to still make plays, etc. But obviously, I am happy that doing all the extra work an IGL does haven’t made me too bad of an individual player.
Are there any IGLs you like or take inspiration from?
blameF: I find my inspiration from the teams that do well. So, if I need something on a map then I always look up who has been performing well on that map lately and then try to analyse what makes them so good. But it could be anyone, there aren’t really any specific IGLs that I continually take strats from or anything like that. But I think in general, I also use a lot of time on offline servers and if I find a problem in our gameplay, most of the time I try to see if that problem is fixable by just going on a server and using a logical approach.

You’re currently 15th at HLTV’s world ranking. Where do you see your team in the near future?
blameF: We are happy about being around 15th in the world rankings for now, obviously with us not qualifying for the Major we will be dropping some spots on the rankings. The long-term goal for the team was, to begin with, to be a consistent top 10 team, and we are not there yet so that is the goal for the team in terms of rankings. In the near future, we would like to either reach top 10 for any amount of time or reach playoffs in a big LAN tournament.
What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in the future?
blameF: I see myself playing in the best team in the world while being one of the players with the most impact in the world, representing the beautiful Counter-Strike that people enjoy watching. I can’t see why I should put any limits on my dreams, I might not get there but I will do anything I can to get as close as possible.
Recently Lukas DeWitt from Rush B Media explained why you are the perfect fit for FaZe, in a detailed article, what do you think about this?
blameF: I don’t think it’s healthy for me to sit and think about what other teams I might fit and might not fit into. I am a player that has been playing both as a rifler and as an IGL, and both international and national CS, so I would say that I am capable of playing on any team that needs a player within those categories. I am dedicated to making Heroic great and I am working really hard to reach our full potential both as a team and me as an individual player. The talk about joining other teams is something that should be done only if the opportunity ever arises.
Is there anything you would like to add?
blameF: No one other than me encouraging people to follow their dreams, whatever they are! I certainly did and is living the best life I can possibly imagine. Work hard and stay focused and you can achieve whatever you desire.
Don’t forget to follow blameF on Twitch, Instagram and Twitter.

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