Magnum: “I think that we’ll be one of 2 teams who will go to Iceland.”

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We interviewed with Magnum, who is playing for Fnatic, the champion of VCT Stage 2 Challengers 2 and one of the teams qualified to the EMEA Challengers Finals.

Interviewer: Emre Baran Çolak

1) Although Derke and you joined the team two days before Challengers 2 qualifiers, you played very good and became the champions. How did your adaptation process go after joining the team?

Magnum: It wasn’t even that hard to adapt, since all boys are really friendly, chilled and they gave us a lot of space to work with.

2) What do you think about your opponents? Which one do you think is the most powerful team?

Magnum: I think every teams, who is in EMEA deserves their spot and I think all teams are strong, I can’t really say who’s the strongest, because lot of teams have momentum.

3) ScreaM said ‘We have been practicing against Turkish teams and we are all getting destroyed.” If you played against Turkish teams, how did they perform against you? What do you think about Turkish teams?

Magnum: I mean, we haven’t played official, so I don’t really know, but scrims were in our favory/draws but it’s still a place, where is a space to make mistakes and space to practice, so you can’t really take it seriously.

4) Do you think that you will be one of the teams which go to Iceland?

Magnum: I think that we’ll be one of 2 teams who will go to Iceland.

5) Do you think there are major differences between regions? If you go to Iceland, is there a team or region against which you would be afraid to play?

Magnum: I mean depends. If you’d asked me 6 months ago I would say yes, but since than each region was taking spicy stuff from the other and now it’s really similiar if we don’t look at the agents picks and its also hard to say, I don’t see Major differences, but I can see that for example EU is more team/tactical based since NA is really focusing on individuals and more aggressive playstyles. Can’t say which is better than the other.

6) Even though you play sentinel as a main, you deal damage just like a duelist, for example you were MVP at semi-final against Vitality. In the future, are we going to see you play duelist to highlight your fire power?

Magnum: I am flexible person, I don’t really mind playing really any character, but for now, I think you won’t. If team in future will ask for it, I don’t have problem.

7) Your groups at EMEA Challengers Finals were announced and in your first game, you will be playing against Turkish team Oxygen Esports, what do you think about that match?

Magnum: I think Oxygen is one of the best teams in Turkey and at this point I believe, we will win, but if yes, it will be close. Of course I have mindset to win, as they do aswell, I would say, stay prepared, gonna be good show.

8) Although you played for teams like Enterprise and HOMELESS, such a big team like Fnatic scouted you and decided to transfer you. What do you think was the biggest factor behind this transfer, behind Fnatic noticing you?

Magnum: I think it was that at the moment I was one of few sentinel performing decently available on EU and from trials I meshed the most to their playstyle, synergy.

9) Do you think another Sentinel should be added in the game besides Killjoy and Cypher? Do you think that it would be good for the game to increase the variety of Sentinels in the game?

Magnum: I am really type of person which likes variety of characters, if they’re not crazy OP or weak, so yeah, I am really looking forward new characters and it doesn’t have to be really sentinel, just having more options to go with would be really good.

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