Former TCL player accuses his former teammate of child abuse: The whole incident with translations from Turkish to English

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Maximillion, Galakticos’s [TCL team currently second on standings] former mid laner, accuses his former teammate pr1me [Galakticos top laner] of child abuse. You can find original Turkish tweets throughout the article by clicking on the highlighted words.
Translator’s note: If you are a foreign media outlet or an esports lover, feel free to reach me from my Twitter DM if you want any more information, I’ll try to help you if there is something I can do.
Maximillion first tweeted about the subject quoting a tweet Galakticos made about a child abuse case in Turkey. He said “I didn’t know you were this much interested in child abuse. As long as you keep a player who go from city to city just to have sexual intercourse with a 14-year-old, you have no difference from the people you complain about.”
This is Maximillion‘s first statement:
“I was talking about Mustafa “pr1me” Bilici. Even though I warned him, he didn’t give up on his mistake. I’ve found his messages containing sexual content with a 14-year-old girl, a kid to be honest. These messages were not something to turn a blind eye to. Nothing I claim is without proof, I have all kinds of proof, and reports to authorities have already been made. What’s disturbing me is no one involved with this incident took any actions. We noticed this incident about 1-2 months before the season. It would be too late for some things if I had noticed it 30 minutes later. It started like this: When I was in GH, I saw his chats with this child. I said he shouldn’t do this and block her or there would be consequences. He said “OK” and blocked her right before me. As it turns out, he unblocked her right away and continued to do the same mistake. The chats which were innocent at first left their place to sexual requests. He asked to see photos and videos of a 14-year-old’s ‘sexual parts’. He suggested these slowly. He groomed her with things like ‘when I win, you have to reward me’. He had these conversations that most adult people wouldn’t do, with a child. Because of the team’s issues, I had to go back to my family’s place. I didn’t know if the situation was still going because he blocked her right before me. After some time, I had to go see this child he was talking with because she is a close relative. Luckily, her Instagram was left open on my PC. After some time, she started to leave the house claiming she was going to the stationery. We weren’t suspicious because it was the project period of her school. But one day, I heard that she left for stationery at 8 in the morning. I was suspicious. I opened her Instagram and caught her talking with Mustafa [pr1me]. I didn’t know how to react. Besides sexual talk, I encountered stuff like “I will elope with you, I will marry you, I can take care of you”. He said things like that again and again. As soon as I saw them, I called her and asked where she was. She said she was on the way to the stationery. I said, “you are coming home right away and I know everything”. I called Mustafa after that. Asked him where he was. He said he was at home. I asked him if he had no shame. He said stupid stuff like “I’m sorry, it won’t happen again”. She came home after that. I don’t want to share these parts because it’s personal. What is most important about this incident is that the Galakticos board knew everything. After we made the necessary reports, we called the team and explained the situation. They said, “we will do what’s necessary, we have children as well”. As it seems, nothing happened. I didn’t want to share this stuff so openly but the law in our country doesn’t work as fast as we hope and this person [pr1me] continues to live his life as nothing happened. Once again, nothing I say is without proof. Evidence was given to authorities. Sorry for the typos.” Original
He added that the child involved is traumatized in a follow up tweet and the reactions she faced were too much for her age. After that, when Maximillion was asked why he waited for so long to expose Galakticos and pr1me, he said “I didn’t want to share everything as it was a hard time for people involved and we believed that Galakticos would do what is necessary. After the post they shared today, I couldn’t stop myself”.
Galakticos, in their statement, claimed that they waited for the legal authorities to decide if the claims were true as they are not the judges.
“In social platforms, we are sadly encountering a claim saying one of our players sexually abused a child on which our team’s name is used as well and the comments made about our club concerning this claim.
As Galakticos, our general principles and choices were all decided concerning the law and humane values from the day we were founded. We have never made compromises from these rules and values for our personal gains. Thus, we would never let someone in our team and people who represent us breach these rules and values, especially when we are so sensitive as a society, with any reason whatsoever molest a girl.
We would like to point out that still, our legal affairs department closely follows the details and contents of this subject. Nevertheless, as you all know, we can’t put ourselves in the place of a judge or a court and make a judgement on a subject as long as there is an investigation just started and there is no testimony, no evidence inspected and most importantly, no decision made by the prosecution or the court.
In this sense, we expect to put an end to incriminate a club of which’s partners and brand value is common sense, with these expressions. For the public opinion’s knowledge, we would like to say that from tomorrow, we will start to take necessary legal actions to protect our financial and moral rights.”
After Galakticos’s statement, Maximillion again stated that he has every kind of proof and reported this incident to authorities in any way he can, adding “the ones who defend the molesters has no difference from the molesters themselves”.
Following that, pr1me published a statement of his own, claiming he was threatened and didn’t do anything without consent.
“Because the events were taken out of context, I wanted to express myself directly to you. I met the person involved with the event when she followed me on Twitter and we started talking. Our relationship never went to sexual levels as we never talked like that. We only liked each other, we talked for a long time and the reason why I unblocked her is she asked me to unblock her on WhatsApp. We met after a few months and it was good for both of us, we kept talking afterwards, for me and as she said, for her this was the situation. I want to emphasize on the sexual intercourse subject. WE NEVER HAD ANY SEXUAL INTERCOURSE, I NEVER FORCED ANYONE TO DO ANYTHING, I NEVER THREATENED! What we talked and the photos happened with both of our consent. After we decided to meet up again, she called me crying and said her family saw the messages and found out she had a relationship. I’ve never been able to reach her following this event. I took threatening messages from her family saying “You either marry her or we end your career” and I decided to leave this incident that would never end behind and focus on my life and it never came up again. Additionally, I know very well that her being traumatized is not about me and its because of her family’s and what she went through inside her house. That’s all I have to say, truth stands as it is. My morale is turned upside down after everyone attacked me without even listening to both sides, especially when I haven’t even given my testimony yet. I’m so hurt, and I apologize to my team and everyone I love. I am getting benched with my own decision, to not to affect our team’s run and hurt my friends’s and our management’s works. I am so sorry because me and my team’s name come alongside with such an accusation.”


He also claimed that she told him her age was 16, not 14.


Maximillion immediately answered his claims.

“When the incident happened, I wanted to go to his side and talk to him but because he was scared I believe, he didn’t want to meet and finished the call saying he will never bother again. We never said anything like “you marry her or we end your career”.

If he shows the threats he took to public, I will take back all accusations and apologize to him.

In the evidence, it is obvious that he know she was 14, there isn’t a situation like him thinking she was 16.

All these lies will come out with legal ways, we have no doubts. For now, what is necessary has been done. I wouldn’t want to bother anyone in such hard times but there was a sad family in pain and this relieved them just a little bit.”

First tweetSecond tweetThird tweet Fourth tweet


Just after pr1me‘s announcements, Galakticos stated that they have reached necessary information and parted their ways with pr1me.


“About the claim we were included in involuntarily, no official application or record, for which we asked for from Maximillion repeatedly, were conveyed to us. Even after his tweet, the documents and applications weren’t conveyed to our side.

However, following Maximillion’s statements, after we talked with Jahrein [Turkey’s one of the most famous streamers] who had an interest in the subject from the start, we obtained the information that the applications and papers were real.

In the light of these information, we parted our ways with pr1me.

We share our sadness with the public again, for being involved in such an incident.

We thank dear Jahrein who approached the subject with precision on behalf of our club.”


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