Bestoloch: Iroh should have changed teams after Phase 1, because only he was playing well in that team.

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We interviewed Natus Vincere’s PUBG player Bestoloch, about his team’s Phase 2 performance, his goals and his opinion on Turkish PUBG teams.

Interviewer: Emre Baran Çolak

After Navi’s 14th place finish in Phase 1, the team acquired 3 new players and you have finished Phase 2 in second place. Can you tell us about the adaptation period you went through?

When we formed NAVI before PEL Kick-Off Cup we knew that it was one of the best rosters in PEL, because we had 4 good shooters and at least 3 captains. The problem was preparing for Phase 2 and other tournaments, and kick-off cup was a good training for us.

You had the lead in Phase 2 for quite a long time. Everyone expected you to come in first, yet you finished second. What do you think is the reason for this?
I think the main reason why we lost the lead was 8 weeks of heavy gameplay. We just got tired and other teams started to play different style games and rotations, something like that.

Will the new Erangel change the meta? If your answer is yes, how do you think it will change?

I dont really know if it would change meta, but some new rotations might appear because of the new compounds.

PUBG Corp has announced that they are adding Sanhok into the esports map pool. What is your opinion on this decision?

I think my opinion is the same as all PEL players, they (PUBG Corp) just didn’t speak with their players and added Sanhok. All the players, including me, are disappointed about this decision, and nobody likes it. By adding Sanhok, they have killed PUBG’s esport scene.

What do you think about Digital Athletics and Besiktas from Turkey? Also, what is your opinion on Iroh, arguably the best Turkish player.
Sorry Turkish fans, but my opinion is that Iroh should have changed teams after Phase 1, because only he was playing well in that team, it’s only my opinion. Besiktas changed 1 player and look very strong right now, we will see, but they should understand that PEL is not the same as Contenders.

Who do you think is the best IGL in the PEL?

I can’t answer this question because all top 4 teams have good IGLs and players who help in the decision making process.

How do you communicate during the matches? PUBG requires a lot of communication, and fans are wondering, how do you set up an effective system?

Ah, when we joined NAVI, we created a new system of communication. We are super calm-confident while communicating, we almost never raise our voices and give only helpful info. I’m sad for CIS though, because all the CIS rosters give info too loud and it makes communication confusing sometimes.

What’s your ultimate goal for Phase 3?
Minimum is to qualify for PUBG Global Championship 2019 in Oakland, but we also want to finish what we started in Phase 2.

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