Jembty: DA has almost the same playstyle as us but they don’t seem to find success for some reason.

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We interviewed Team Liquid’s PUBG player Jembty, about his goals, TSM’s new transfer and Digital Athletics.

Interviewer: Emre Baran Çolak

Your 1v3 against Bitloft at the GLL Grand Slam was really impressive. What did you feel at that moment? What was your teammates’ reaction?

I didn’t really feel anything at that moment because I was so focused on staying alive and we thought there were more teams coming for us. My team was yelling “Let’s go!”.

In the past, you and Sambty played for different teams. What are the pros and cons of playing alongside your twin now?

I dont think there are too many pros and cons because we have different playstyles so we always just think that we are normal teammates, nothing speacial.

Will the new Erangel change the meta? If your answer is yes, how do you think it will change?

New Erangel is going to change the meta towards more rotations because there are more playable spots in the map.

PUBG Corp has announced that they are adding Sanhok into the esports map pool. What is your opinion on this decision?
I like Sanhok as a warmup map but in competitive it is not going to be good. Not many playable hills, people always have eyes on you, hard to rotate etc.

What do you think about Digital Athletics  from Turkey? Also, what is your opinion on Iroh, arguably the best Turkish player.

DA has almost the same playstyle as us but they don’t seem to find success for some reason, haven’t watched their games that closely. Iroh is really good at shooting, he always seems to get kills and put damage numbers up.

Who do you think is the best IGL in the PEL?

I dont think there is a best IGL because almost every team has different playstyles but top teams have the best IGLs for sure.

How do you communicate during the matches? PUBG requires a lot of communication, and fans are wondering, how do you set up an effective system?
In this too, many teams have different ways to communicate. When I was in FaZe we had a lot of talking going on all the time but now in Liquid we give people more sound for footsteps and usually say only the important info.

How do you think Iroh’s transfer is going to affect DA and TSM?

I think TSM is going to be stronger than what they were but about DA, I don’t really know too much. They might do better too if they find better synergy with their new player.

What’s your ultimate goal for Phase 3?

Our goal for Phase 3 is obviously winning. We know that we are a top team who have high chances for winning it.

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